Goal Post


"THE WIFE: Don't go this afternoon, John, it's the only time you have to talk to me. I wouldn't mind if you were playing; but you're away all the week... you must know a woman wants more than that!"

This cartoon appeared in Judy (The London Serio-Comic Journal) in September 1902. Founded in 1867, Judy was, as its name might suggest, a competitor to Punch. It regularly featured football in its cartoons. Another example, from April 1895, is shown below. Both examples feature women, although not in the most positive of lights. Despite its feminine name, the magazine was not specifically targeted at women. Judy folded in 1910, while Punch continued until 2002.


"FOOTBALL FOR LADIES: This picture does not represent a scrimmage. It is only a ladies' football team who think they have seen a mouse!"

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