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FA portraits

These three portraits hung in the Football Association's committee room in the early Edwardian period, and were photographed for the 1905 Book of Football. They show three Victorian FA officials, most notably EC Morley, regarded by many as the father of the Football Association.

Ebenezer Cobb Morley was the captain of Barnes FC. It was he who organised the 1863 "Meeting of Captains" at which the FA was formed. Morley was the FA's first secretary and second president. The most common image associated with Morley is the "old man Steptoe" profile shown below, but this portrait portrays him as a slightly younger man.

Francis Marindin was the founder of the Royal Engineers football club, and went on to become one of Victorian football's most respected referees. EC Hart is less well-known - in fact newspapers from the 1890s name the FA's honorary treasurer as CB Hart.

The Book of Football's accompanying text reads: "These pictures hang in the committee room of the Football Association at the offices in High Holborn. They re, reading from left to right, the late Dr EC Morley, late president; the late Colonel Sir Francis Arthur Marindin, KCMG, late president; and the late Mr EC Hart, late treasurer. The splendid work they did for the Football Association will never be forgotten."

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