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"Though he made his reputation originally in Scotland, John Goodall was born in London. Leaving Scotland, after two years with Great Lever, he associated himself in 1886 with Preston North End, and it was his consistently good play with that club, then with few, if any, superiors, that induced the executive of the Football Association to give him a place in the English Eleven seven years ago against Scotland. Six years ago he left Preston North End to join Derby County FC, whose team he has Captained ever since. He has played for England in all in eleven matches, in some as Captain, and at Glasgow in 1894, as well as at Liverpool last spring, he showed all his old skill against the Scotch Eleven. Playing thoroughly for his side as a centre, he keeps the forward combination thoroughly well together, and with perfect judgement and plenty of nerve he is also very dangerous in front of goal, being himself an excellent shot. A fair all-round Cricketer, he has represented Derbyshire."

From Famous Footballers 1895-96.

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